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Editing Insights from: Tomoe Cliffs of Despair

Let's dive into the world of Tomoe and explore the insights and learnings from this viewer submitted short story. The video of the edit is listed here in case you wanted to watch it yourself:

Anchor Story Introductions with Clarity:

As the story begins, Tomoye stands on the edge of the Cliffs, however, the prose used to describe this scene can be a bit overwhelming and flowery. While colorful language can be engaging, it's important to prioritize clear communication in a story's beginning. Anchoring the reader in the reality of the scene allows for a stronger connection.

The Importance of Goals, Stakes, and Urgency:

As the story progresses, the narrative drive and urgency begin to dissipate. While the banter and fun moments between characters are enjoyable, they can muddy the overall goal and stakes. Every scene should have a goal, stakes, and a sense of urgency to maintain the reader's interest.

It's crucial to ensure that the main character's actions align with their goals, establishing a clear purpose for each interaction. Without this focus, the story can lose its momentum, causing the reader to disengage. Adding interior thoughts or an item that symbolizes the character's objective can provide context and strengthen the connection between their actions and their ultimate goal.

A Little Banter is Okay:

The dialogue in the story, especially the banter between characters, adds a touch of humor and liveliness. These moments create a fun reading experience, but it's essential to strike a balance between humor and maintaining a sense of purpose and direction in the story. Ensure that the tone and execution of the banter align with the overall narrative and character motivations.

Introduction of New Goals

As any story progresses, it is essential to introduce new goals to maintain reader engagement. New goals should create tension and conflict, keeping the reader invested in the outcome. By introducing new challenges or obstacles that test the friendships between characters, a story can gain a renewed sense of urgency and purpose.

In conclusion:

The Cliffs of Despair offer an exciting adventure filled with humor, banter, and unexpected twists. While the story showcases strong dialogue and entertaining moments, it is crucial to maintain a clear focus on goals, stakes, and urgency. By grounding the reader in reality, captivating them with intriguing elements, and establishing cohesive character motivations, the story can reach new heights of excitement and engagement.


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