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Want more art, games, and edits?

So, it turns out that writing, making games, and supporting other writers through free edits isn't the most profitable venture I've ever embarked on. If you're like to keep Final Boss going, it would mean the world if you pitched in a few bucks or just wrote me a nice note.

my game Hexa Puzzle Saga on steam and Android


Hexa Puzzle Saga

I hope to expand this game, by adding features including:

  • More power-ups

  • New game modes (Like Multiplayer)

  • Add more "special" tiles


Support Editing & Game Reviews

Want me to record more writing edits and game reviews? Fear not, I plan on doing it anyways. But if you'd like me to edit and game with less stress, feel free to donate:

The Last Fare of M1S-3 Short Story by Final Boss Editing


Writing and Storytelling

If you want to read my published work, feel free to email me and I'll always be happy to share. Also keep an eye out for my novella "Departures" and my novel "The Distributor" in the coming year.

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