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Post-apocalyptic magic, crazy machines, and evil empires!

Published by: The Story Plant

Distributor Book Cover by Jeff Doka. A large sci-fi tower amidst a barren desert.

A cynical reader watches a kid build something new.

Published by: The Woodward Review

A sketch of "The Builder" a short story by Jeff Doka - depicts a kid building a wood structure beneath pine trees.

A map based RPG to help you get outside and walk!

An anime-style picture of "Worldseekers" a GPS RPG game with deckbuilding elements.

A surrealist CYOA depicting a comically grim work meeting.

Published by: The Wild Musette

Short story picture of an abstract conference room for "The Conference" CYOA by Jeff Doka - Choose Your Own Adventure Short Story

A tech marketer dies and shows up to work the next day.

Published by: Running Wild Press

Running Wild Novelle Anthology Vol 7 Book 2 Cover - Departures by Jeff Doka included - A abstract art cover.

A cross platform puzzle game to exercise your mind!

Screenshot of the game "Hexa Puzzle Saga" by Jeff Doka - A hexagon puzzler with a citybuilding twist.

An autocab named Reggie faces a changing world.

Published by: Future Looms / Write Ahead Journal

A picture of the short story "The Last Fare of M1S-3" by Jeff Doka

A narrative adventure into the jungle, searching for the Second Library of Alexandria.

Published by: Fable Labs (Tales)

Cover of "The Lost Library" video game by Tales (Fable Labs) adventure game story.
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