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Here's some more info about your editing options:

Free edit on twitch: Send us your work over email and we'll edit it live on twitch free of charge. Just be aware, your work will be online for all to see. This will be a development edit unless specified otherwise.

Quick edit: Get one page of private notes on the first 10 pages of your story for $50. This can help identify writing and early plot issues like scene structure, dialogue, and story hook.

[Recommended] Private development edit: Similar to a twitch edit, we'll deliver a video of the edit along with a full written set of development notes. Our pricing is $350 for 4 pages of notes on a screenplay, and 3 cents per word for a novel or other form. Curious what this entails? Here's an example edit.

​Private line edit: With this, you'll receive a video and a line by line markup of your work. A copy edit will cost you 3.5 cents per word for screenplay, novel, or other form, but think of the happiness that will ensue.

Writing contracting: Do you have an idea you want to see come to life? Or are you working on a draft of a project that you can't seem to make work? We offer writing services encompassing everything from screenplays to prose fiction to video games.

Writing coaching: Jump on the phone with us, and we'll talk you through the basics of building a story world, developing characters, and creating prose that hums.

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