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Final Boss Editing


Check out one of our free edits.

During my time working on screenplays, I found that table reads were one of the best tools for a screenwriter to understand the flow of their story. During all of our edits, we read your work aloud while we edit to help you understand the flow of the story and the rationale behind our feedback. 


Feel free to submit your work for a free twitch edit here. Our free edits focus on story structure and developmental edits, if you'd like line edits on your work let us know!


As always, check us out on twitch or email us at with questions or edit requests!

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Sharing writing insights and learnings is what this is all about. Input your email and we'll keep you up-to-date on what we learn!

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A pencil to showcase screenwriting editing


Story structure coaching


writing and story structure


Whether it's screenwriting, prose, poetry or even game writing, we'll edit it.  Send us your work here!

During our streams, we discuss questions about story structure, developing characters, and other aspects of fiction. 

Join us on twitch as we write our own work and experience the ups and downs with us!  

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